To get started, register online for free. All orders are handled through your online account, so you really need one. And did we mention it’s free?

All set up? Good. Now go to one of the lockers in your building and put your stuff inside. You don’t need a bag, you don’t need a tag, you don’t need anything! Just throw ‘em on in there.

Once your clothes are in the locker, shut the locker door and press any four digits. Then turn the lock. Make sure to remember the locker number!

Got that locker number handy? Download the iPhone app or log into your SoapBox account online. Click "Place an Order." Choose the locker number your clothes are in, the service you’d like done, and any notes. Click the submit button.

That’s all you have to do! Now go about your business while we scrub your duds. We’ll send you emails when we pick up, inventory, and return your garments.

Well, SoapBox isn’t open 24 hours– our lockers are. You see, our lockers are available any time of the day or night. Just pick an empty one and drop your clothes inside! You can place an order anytime, too.

Our office is open during normal business hours, so you can give us a call at 844-4-SOAPBOX (844-476-2726) to chat or ask questions about your order.

You can claim a locker in one of three ways: online, app, or text.







  1. Log into your SoapBox account
  2. Click on “Place an Order”
  3. Enter your order information and submit the claim
  1. Download the SoapBox iPhone app
  2. Log into your SoapBox account and click “Place an Order”
  3. Enter your order information and submit the claim
  1. Place your clothes in a locker
  2. Text the locker number to 858-260-3020

Yes! You can adjust your laundry preferences online by logging into your SoapBox account and clicking on "Laundry Settings." These settings will be applied to every wash and fold order. We can hang dry, dry on low, use special detergent, and use dryer sheets.

For one time requests, just place your claim online and fill out the "notes" section with your preferences. You can identify stains, ask for repairs, or request tailoring. We do it all!

SoapBox does not charge any fees to use the lockers. There are no monthly fees, no account fees, no fees of any kind. You are charged only for what you put into the locker, though we do have a minimum pound requirement for wash and fold orders.

Providing quality cleaning is very important to us, so we work to balance speedy turnaround times with high quality service. Most items will be available for pickup after 2 business days.

Absolutely! Remember, only you and a SoapBox employee have the code to your locker and clothes. If someone else wants to pay for your laundry, why not, but only the holder of the code can retrieve it. If you like, you can easily give your code to a friend, roommate, significant other etc. and have them pick up your items for you.

Well, do you like convenience? Using SoapBox means you’ll never have to make that last minute run to your other cleaners again. SoapBox is always be open, so you can pick up and drop off whenever you want. Plus, unlike other cleaners, we don't use any harmful chemicals when we dry clean your clothes. Learn more about our process at

It’s easy, we promise, and it won't hurt a bit! First, register for an account on our website Then place your dirty laundry in a bag and place that bag of dirty laundry in one of our lockers, lock the locker, and DON'T FORGET YOUR LOCKER NUMBER! Finally, you can place your order three different ways:


Log in to your account at and place your order by giving us the locker number.


Text your locker number to 858-260-3020. It's that simple.


Open the DropLocker app and place your order by giving us the locker number.

Say goodbye to surprises on the receipt. Our pricing is transparent and upfront, so you’ll always know what to expect. Check out our latest pricing on our website.

The first time you clean with us, your clothes will be returned in your personalized SoapBox garment bag. This bag is yours to use and keep and is coded to you, so please don’t give your garment bag to someone else or we may mistakenly charge your account. If we notice that your bag is getting worn, we will replace it automatically for you.

Absolutely not! There are no fees, surcharges or additional costs to use the lockers or to access SoapBox locations. There are also no monthly commitments (unless you’d like to sign up for a laundry plan), and you can stop your use of SoapBox at any time without doing anything special.

All our pricing is done a la cart, which is a fancy French way of saying you are charged for the items you put in our lockers and that’s it.

Public SoapBox locations may require you to swipe a credit card to gain access. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged. Your credit card just acts as a key, and we don’t store your credit card number or personal information.

No, customers are not assigned their own lockers. Simply place your items into any unlocked locker, lock the locker, and place an order.

Placing an order allows us to connect the locker your items are in with your online account, which has your name, email, and phone number stored so that we can contact you when your clothes are ready and bill you for the order.

Voodoo! Just kidding. It’s all about placing your order. If you have a permanent SoapBox tag and bag, we can scan that tag and it contains your name, email, and phone number.

If you don’t have a permanent tag, placing an order lets us connect your name to the bag and locker containing your items. After processing your first order, we will then return your clothes with a personalized SoapBox garment bag and a permanent tag.

To place a package delivery order, ship your item to our Headquarters:

SoapBox Dry Cleaning, Inc.
9135 Judicial Drive Suite B San Diego, CA 92122

We will retrieve the item and deliver it to a locker at your preferred location.

Yes! Because of the number of lockers available, it would not be feasible to check every single locker at every location. Our drivers only check locked lockers at all of our locker locations. Simply enter any four digits and turn the handle counter clockwise to secure one of our lockers.

Not locking the locker could result in a delay in your items being picked up and cleaned. SoapBox assumes no liability for items left in unlocked lockers.

To pay for items, log into your SoapBox account, click on "Credit Card Settings," and fill out your billing information. We'll just bill you for every item you place in our lockers. Unfortunately we do not currently accept cash or check for payment.

Yes. In order for us to receive payment for your order, you must log into your SoapBox account, click on "Credit Card Settings," and fill out your billing information. Credit cards are stored on a secure, third party site.

Not filling out your credit card information will cause a delay in your order, and we are unable to return items until we have received payment.

Although SoapBox offers access to our lockers 24 hours a day, we pick up garments starting at 9am. That means all orders placed before 9am will be picked up that same day, returning items approximately 2 business days after pick up.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific turnaround window because some items will need extra care or will need to receive additional cleaning. Providing quality cleaning is very important to us, so we work very hard to balance speedy turnaround times with cleaning quality.

Once your order is ready, we will send a text/email to you with a new locker number and four-digit pin to retrieve your items. Your clothes will be returned to a different locker at the same SoapBox location where you placed your initial order.

Absolutely. To request a different detergent or different dryer sheets, simply place an order online and make a request in the "Notes" section. There will be an extra surcharge for detergent or dryer sheet requests.

To change your drying or wash temperature preferences, log into your SoapBox account and click "Laundry Settings."

To request hand drying, place items to be hung dry in a separate bag inside of your SoapBox Laundry Bag. When you place your order, let us know which bag contains hang dry items in the "Notes" section of "Place a New Order."

Of course! If you do a lot of laundry, you can choose monthly plans that help you save on bulk orders. These plans are coming soon.

Or, if you’re the kind of person who loves spread- ing the word, you can get involved in our SOAPBUCKS REWARDS program. SOAPBUCKS lets you earn rewards for every new customer you help sign up with SoapBox. These rewards can be applied towards your dry cleaning and laundry services!

We can offer minor alerations and repairs on your items for a nominal fee or send your garments to our tailor for alterations. When you place an order, let us know which items need to be altered or repaired in the "Notes" section of "Place a New Order."

Oh no! There are a couple of reasons you could be receiving this error message. Check your discount and make sure it’s not for first time users only. If you’ve already placed an order, this coupon won’t work.

If you are a first time user but the discount still isn’t working, click on "Discounts." If there’s already a first time discount in your cart, you will not be able to add a new discount.

Really want the second discount instead of the first? Email or call 1-844-4-SOAPBOX during normal business hours and our Customer Service team will help you out.

Remember, discounts cannot be used in combination with other promotions.

Log into your SoapBox account and click on "Discounts." Then insert the discount code into the field. You can refresh the page to view your discounts.

Right now, all of our discounts and promotions (including promotions run through third parties) cannot be used in combination with other promotions. That means you can only apply one discount to any SoapBox order.

Don’t worry, though! You can save your second discount and apply it to a second order.

SoapBucks is the SoapBox referral program that rewards customers for spreading the word and helping people sign up. Log into your SoapBox account and click on "SOAPBUCKS" to learn how to start earning points and to find your unique referral code.

When you place an order, let us know your special instructions by filling out the "Notes" section of "Place a New Order." Just a heads up: special requests can delay orders by at least one business day.

SoapBox technology doesn’t end with 24/7 accessible lockers! What makes us special is our powerful software, DropLocker. DropLocker helps us keep track of items from the moment they’re picked up from a locker to the moment we return them to you. That’s why we barcode and take pictures of every dry cleaning item that passes through our system.

You can see these pictures in your Closet 2.0 by logging into your SoapBox account and clicking on "My Closet." This feature lets us keep track of your clothes and hunt down individual items, but it also lets you see how many times you’ve sent the garment in for cleaning, the dates of each cleaning, and any notes you have about this particular item.

You can document special instructions and mark stains for your own records, as well.