Would you like us in your Building?

Add an amenity to your building by placing SoapBox in a common area of your residential, commercial or office property.

With SoapBox in the building, residents can enjoy convenient dry cleaning, wash and fold without leaving the building.

Our lockers are 100% free to install so there is no cost to the property. We can be placed in buildings with as few as 10 apartment units. Plus, they are highly space efficient; so we only need about 2 ft x 3 ft to install. Our lockers don’t require any hookups, so no electricity, no internet, and no water. And we guarantee that you and your tenants love the service.

Plus if you help get our lockers installed in a property, we’ll reward you with a $100 bounty!

Want to Partner with us?

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The possibilities for our 24/7 accessible lockers are endless! From neighborhood locations, to wholesale/commercial accounts, to community involvement to any other type of request that you have.

If you have an idea for how you’d like to use our lockers or partner with us, please fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch soon!