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Drop clothes in any locker and lock it up with any four digits code.
Download our free iPhone app or text your locker number to 858-260-3020, by iPhone app, or by texting the locker number to 858-260-3020.
That's It! You’re all done. We'll send a text/email when clothes are clean and ready for pick up.

Green Cleaning

No more chemical smell, less wear and tear on your clothes, brighter colors, all with a reduced impact on the environment!

Concerned about your impact on the environment? Do your part to keep our land, water, air, and yes, YOUR CLOTHES clean! SoapBox 24/7 Dry Cleaning & Laundry utilizes a state of the art, Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning facility - one of the largest "Green" dry cleaning facilities in San Diego.

We here at SoapBox have been doing our part to help the environment since our beginnings. With our ultra efficient washers and dryers, re-usable laundry bags, a paperless office, and recycling of all packaging and hangers, we have consistently strived to reduce our carbon footprint.

SoapBox services thousands of customers throughout San Diego, and by utilizing the GreenEarth Cleaning Process, the latest in Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning technology, we will greatly reduce the use of PERC throughout the region. GreenEarth is a sand based product resulting in Odor-Free clothes that last longer, feel softer and stay brighter. SoapBox offers boutique cleaning, that is found only at the most high-end cleaners, at a fraction of the cost.

Having constructed our facility in San Diego, we're not only doing our part to help the environment, but we are doing what we can to help the. We are a locally owned business, employing San Diegans and keeping your money in the city you live in.

With new locations opening in and around San Diego frequently along with our convenient 24/7 drop off and pick up, we hope that you too garageband for pc will do your part to reduce your effect on the environment by choosing SoapBox 24/7 Dry Cleaning & Laundry powered by GreenEarth for all of your wash and fold and dry cleaning needs!



Dry Clean Anytime

SoapBox provides dry cleaning, wash and fold, minor alteration, and repairs.



Track Your Laundry

SoapBox brings your dry cleaner into the 21st century with CLOSET 2.0, our advanced laundry tracking software. You can view items and track order progress through your online free account.

Arrange Virtual Closet

SoapBox takes pictures of every dry cleaning item.ipad air 3 features View these items in your free online account, check the last time a garment was cleaned, and make notes on each item.


Secure Online Billing

SoapBox sends itemized receipts for each order so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Enter a credit card into your secure online account for easy, automatic billing.



SoapBucks Rewards

SoapBox is about more than just great laundry. We’re also about providing great laundry experiences– and what experience isn’t better with friends? That’s why we reward you each time you introduce SoapBox to a friend.

To get started, log into your SoapBox account and click on SoapBucks Rewards. You have your own unique discount code for 20% off a first order. Print out some flyers, post on Facebook, and tweet from mountaintops. Then start watching the rewards roll in!

Each time someone places an order over $25 (after discounts) using your discount code, you’ll earn $10 in free SoapBox services! Now that’s rewarding.